IPTV Archive Whats Update – June 2014

Hey all,

Long time, no see. You may have noticed that at some point last year, IPTV Archive videos became unavailable to watch. I didn’t become aware of this problem until long after it occurred, but I am working towards a solution.

What happened? blip.tv, where I have been hosting these videos for years, decided to dump a large amount of their accounts at the end of the last year. I originally chose blip.tv because they allowed download of the original file, as well as the ability to play the uploaded video with a player suited to its original file format. This was back when everyone else relied heavily on Youtube which, at the time, would give you a highly compressed flash file that I found inferior. Over the years, blip.tv has been changing ever so slightly, and eventually lost this “native player” feature. Still, the videos were there and they played without hiccup. Additionally, blip.tv was also one of the only services that allowed you to still download the original video file (this went missing from a lot of other video sites). Free video file hosting is always welcome. Over the last few months, blip.tv has been preparing for its takeover by Maker Studios (Now owned by Disney) which will migrate some content over to Youtube. blip.tv is dead, and is taking a lot down with it. My channels, and a lot of others are not making the cut.

As for the IPTV Archive videos, don’t worry, they’re safe and sound. If you missed it earlier, I went ahead some time back and uploaded the entire library that is featured here to the Internet Archive. If you want a list of the links for these shows, check out this page here. I’ve also done a little more digging and assembled all the information I could find on these shows and ingested it into my wiki in a category created specifically for IPTV. This way, anyone with an account (contact me!) can add or correct any information about these shows. Each page features show information, episode descriptions, and a link to download episodes from archive.org. Let me emphasize, every single video on this website is available for direct download.

This doesn’t leave the current IPTV Archive out of the loop. With a little time and love, I hope to update the streaming video embeds for each video to something a little more permanent. What that will be, I’m not sure yet, but it is in the works. I will also make sure to feature a link back to download episodes from archive.org. Just in case.

Stay tuned. We might be down, but we’ll never go out.



DeAuthThis — s01e08


This episode of DeAuthThis features the wireless briefcase, and wireless security mods.

Stream/Download in XviD courtesy of Blip.tv

Save Rev3

I’ve started a project to make sure that Revision3 shows are archived and preserved for generations to come.

Read the blog post here.

Get involved here.

An Update On An Update

As I said a few weeks ago, things are going on Archive.org. If you would like to follow my progress (and download lots of files more easily) check this page out often.


ChannelEM and Other News

Since the beginning of the IPTV Archive, both Moonlit and I had an idea for a video stream that could play IPTV all day. Similar to an actual television station in theory, and RantTV in practice, we set off to work on it. Initial trials were difficult to say anything. We worked on server side playlists, linking into streaming video sites, having out own flash based platform, transcoding files on the fly to a streaming website, and other methods that never seemed to work. We always had the time to invest, but never enough resources. We didn’t have the money for a dedicated icecast box, or a beefy machine that could just transcode and stream all day. Throughout the years, we’ve had this project going on under one name or another. It started as just something we kicked around to each other, than as a little archive side project, then it was attached to another group, and now it has taken own it’s own presence.

ChannelEM officially came into being last month, and has been functioning smoothly ever since. The project is a culmination of the efforts of Moonlit, Pat, and myself and will hopefully be around a while to grow and expand. ChannelEM in a nutshell is an IPTV network in the developing stages. While we aim to keep a steady 24/7 stream of independent video, we would also like to expand and reach out to those who run their own shows and would like some exposure to a like-minded community. If that seems up your alley, feel free to give it a look.


Moving on to other news, you may have noticed that there have been few updates (with the exception of last week) to the archive in general. That said, I’ve been working on a few other things, and have few shows that need the archival treatment as of right now. In the midst of other projects, and saturating my download with hacker convention videos, I’ve decided to take a step I have been mentioning for a while and am starting the Archive.org phase of this archive. That means over the next few weeks or so, I’ll be transferring my stash of shows onto Archive.org, where it will be safe for years to come. If something ever happens to blip.tv or my hard drives all decide to take a dive one day, the episodes will be in the safe hands of the Internet Archive.

That said, if you have anything to contribute to the archive, or just want to chat about any of these things in general, feel free to exercise the contact and chat pages over to your left and let me know what is on your mind.


DeAuthThis — Intro


Intro preview.

Stream/Download in MPG courtesy of Blip.tv

DeAuthThis — s01e07


In this episode of DeAuthThis, I go to the Skills USA Ohio Competition in Columbus, Oh and we mess around with the stun glove 2.0 and throw a hotel lan party, stay tuned.
and our site as always is http://deauththis.com

Stream/Download in XviD courtesy of Blip.tv

DeAuthThis — s01e06


In this episode of DeAuthThis I show you how to bypass hotspot security, Modify an FRS radio (thanks BSoD/Foxx), as well as compiling firesheep in linux!
That and much more, Show notes will be up soon, check out the forum DeAuthThis Forum

Stream/Download in XviD courtesy of Blip.tv

DeAuthThis – s01e05


In this episode of DeAuthThis we install moc to play mp3s in our terminal, bypass windows passwords in 2000-7 and make a 32gb psp, all that and more!

Stream/Download in XviD courtesy of Blip.tv

Obsoleet — s01e03

Betamax Basics
Vocoding with the Stylophone
Reel-to-Reel Players

“Betamax Basics” used a Sanyo Betacord VCR 4400, and a broken Sony Betamax SL-HF550. The blank tapes were Kodak and Sony brands with the number L-750. This segment focused on using the Betamax player while providing a brief history.

“Vocoding with the Stylophone” used a Stylophone available from Thinkgeek, http://www.thinkgeek.com/electronics/musical-instruments/aa64/ . The Stylophone was hooked through the computer using the headphone jack on the stylophone and the line-in jack on my computer’s sound card. Programs featured in the segment were Audacity via http://audacity.sourceforge.net/ , Zerius Vocoder via http://www.epiphyte.ca/code/vocoder.html , and Spectro via http://spectro.enpts.com/ . The segment talked briefly about the Stylophone’s use as an instrument and then demonstrated the ability to use it as a post-recording vocoder tool in the style of bands such as Daft Punk and Electric Light Orchestra.

“Reel-to-Reel Players” used a Concord Tape Recorder, a Tandberg 3300X, and an Akai GX-2300. This segment also made use of a Helix HX-4635 Boombox which is also known in other markets as a Conion C-100F and a Claritone 7980. An iPod Video was used briefly to show the recording capabilities. The segment mainly focused on showcasing the players as well as showing record and playback abilities.
Stream/Download in XviD courtesy of Blip.tv